A shepherd puppy sits on an orange autumn tree-lined path.

2024 Seeing Eye Puppy Calendar

The 2024 Seeing Eye puppy calendar is packed with puppies from cover to cover! The front cover features a small German shepherd puppy with a mostly black face, tan eyebrows, and big ears wearing a green Seeing Eye® puppy raising program bandana. It’s looking at the camera inquisitively with its head cocked to one side as it sits among lots of colorful flowers, including many yellow and white daffodils.

Included within the calendar are Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, Lab/golden crosses, and of course, German shepherds! Each of the 12 months has two photos, one that appears in full color above the month's date grid, and one that appears as a watermark behind the date grid. Each month includes a quote from either an instructor or scholarship recipient of The Seeing Eye.

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