Two yellow Labs in the snow.

Seeing Eye Holiday Card (Box of 20)

This holiday card has the following message printed and Braille embossed inside: “Friends wish friends joys of the season.” This lovely card set features two yellow Labrador retriever puppies are pictured playing in the snow, nose to nose looking into each other’s eyes. This is the first snow experience for the tiny seven-week-old puppy. She has a hot pink collar and her tiny head is dusted with snow. She is standing on top of a two foot snow drift and is level with her older friend as their noses almost touch. She seems to be asking, “What is this cold stuff all about?" “It's Snow... It's Fun... Let me show you how it's done!”

Personalized Cards Available: You may pre-order personalized cards if the order is placed by phone or email by December 1st. We cannot take online orders for personalized cards. Cards can accommodate up to two lines of text inside . Personalized cards with blank envelopes are $28 (plus shipping) for a box of 20 cards and envelopes. Personalized cards with printed envelopes are $35 (plus shipping) for a box of 20 cards and envelopes. This year since we are still working remotely and our volunteers are not yet back on campus to assist us, we are using a 3rd party vendor to fulfill and ship all orders directly from their facility to you. To order personalized cards email Denise at or call 800-539-4425 x 1753.

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