2020 calendar

2020 Seeing Eye Puppy Calendar

The 2020 Seeing Eye puppy calendar is packed with puppies from cover to cover! The cover shows three Seeing Eye puppies seated on the lawn at The Seeing Eye main campus. An American flag waves overhead and the main building is in the background. The puppies are a yellow Lab, black and tan German shepherd and a golden retriever.

Included within the calendar are Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, Lab/golden crosses, and of course, German shepherds! Each of the 12 months has two photos, one that appears in full color above the month's date grid, and one that appears as a watermark behind the date grid. Each month is accompanied by a heartfelt quote from a Seeing Eye puppy raiser.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you only plan to purchase a calendar today, and no other products from our gift shop, you can instead place your order through our puppy development and receive discounted shipping. Download the form here: www.seeingeye.org/calendar

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