Cell Charger

Cell Phone Charger - $15

The Seeing Eye Astra Power Bank comes in a plain white gift box, wrapped with a single strand of black and white paw print ribbon attaching a one-pager of instructions to the power bank. White charging cable included. Please note that this will not charge BLACKBERRY devices but works with most smart and flip phones. The Seeing Eye Astra Power Bank has 2200 mAh capacity, which is the standard for mobile phone chargers. The Seeing Eye Astra Power Bank is white with a green imprint of The Seeing Eye logo in dark green, and measures 3¾ “ long by ¾“ by ¾“. Written safety and charging instructions included.

To charge your mobile phone: plug USB end of your own charging cable into the USB Output of the power bank, and connect other end of your charging cable into the device you want to charge. The Power Bank will continue charging your device until your device is fully charged or until Power bank’s internal battery has drained. To manually stop charging, simply disconnect the Power Bank from your device. The cable provided with the Power Bank is ONLY for charging the power Bank. NEVER use the cable provided with the Power Bank to charge your device. To charge Power Bank, plug Micro-USB end of the supplied charging cable into the Micro-USB input of the power Bank, connect the USB end of the charging cable to the USB port of a desktop computer or laptop, and press the button on top of the Power Bank to turn it on. The LED Indicator will light red to indicate charging. Once charging is complete, LED red light will turn off. Please note that if your device is not charging, this may mean that battery level of Power Bank is very low and you need to recharge Power Bank.

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