A Seeing Eye shepherd and Lab puppy pose with wrapped presen

Seeing Eye Holiday Card (Box of 20)

This card is landscape-oriented and shows a festive, indoor scene against a white background. A large, dark and handsome dark German shepherd puppy is smiling and lying down alertly in front of seven large, colorfully wrapped holiday presents. The boxes are all wrapped in different colors and holiday patterns: blue, red, green, white, and silver. The German shepherd pup is wearing a poufy green and red ruff around his neck. A younger puppy, a light yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, is sitting quietly behind the German shepherd pup on one of the colorfully wrapped holiday boxes. The yellow puppy is wearing a red plaid necktie that is attached to a crisp white shirt collar. The inside of the card has this message printed and embossed in Braille below: “May you unwrap all the joys of the holiday season!” Comes with 20 cards and 20 envelopes.

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