Green leash with Lab, shepherd, and golden pups and guides

Custom Leash by Up Country - $20

Designed for maximum strength, this 1” wide, 6-foot-long leash is made of highly durable dark green nylon webbing with a solid snap hook to attach to a collar. Sewn onto the webbing is a custom colorful ribbon design featuring a drawing of Seeing Eye dogs, representing their growth from a puppy (in bandana), to a vested puppy, then to an adult dog in harness. Included in these series are 3 breeds: German shepherd, yellow Labrador and golden retriever. These dogs are sitting on a spring green lawn with a light blue sky studded with puffy white clouds. Between each series of dogs are the printed words “Friend of The Seeing Eye”.

These leashes are fray resistant, machine washable and designed to last a lifetime. Made in the USA.

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